oecd193개회원국 지구환경복원, 수자원확보기술(대체수자원, 혁신) 환경무역,서비스.

4 Dec

A. oecd193 Member States: national architecture and usage ever discarded after use (sewage, food, sewage. manure) resources  Process to fit the

purpose. Innovation, sustainable development by improving the quality of people’s lives, ever.

– Toilet flush toilet) water usage (60-70%): all of our precious life-giving water.

* Usage of a building, alternative water resources. Domestic sewage, domestic sewage: non-motorized (process technology) constantly discarded       Designed for use manure feed flume. Environment and housing buildings.

– Each time. Local Government: smart environments, Rushcutters analogy restore the city.

* UN: If you reduce your water usage worldwide approximately 70 million people. Environment is restored.



2 Responses to “oecd193개회원국 지구환경복원, 수자원확보기술(대체수자원, 혁신) 환경무역,서비스.”

  1. sanghoonmoon December 4, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    본 기술은 즉시, 실행이 가능한 혁신기술 입니다.

    • sanghoonmoon December 4, 2012 at 2:22 am #

      Can be executed immediately, this technology innovations.

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