* OECD193 member states. (Regional Environmental Trade Services) balanced development, social stability policy. Declared:

5 Dec

a) imprisoned ex-con and commitment to environmental restoration projects. Graduates prices and education to the community
through service, and hope that policies directed.
b) trade between Member States trading market competition system: raw materials, oil, dollar / strengthen the exchange
rate policy.
* Environment, industry knowledge, and services. : Resource recycling regulations.
c) OECD193 member states, national bankruptcy, national leaders (parliamentary confusion, the national budget, accused
prosecutors abuse): National Budget Office, Ministry of dispatch director. Local government.
1 A plethora of budget priced by the market economic order, destroy reason: generous budget – creators interagency
R & d research services costs, and order the destruction absurdity.
2 Parliamentary chaos and decline in national competitiveness factors: excessive local government infrastructure
projects soc, excessive corporate debt, sequencing, and absurdity,
3 Services business of issues: education policy uncertainty, irresponsible behavior, change the horse, bureaucracy,
opportunism, selfishness, evasion of responsibility, hantangjuui.
4 Imbalance in society: hierarchical, cross-sector income, the unemployment rate rise, low-income workers, the rising
suicide rate, divorce rates rise, people’s taxes rise, the problem of youth unemployment, crime groups.

Head to the living world technology, knowledge, policies, and services).
– Attachment: oecd member countries practical technology commercialization, licensing, joint ventures, and (foreign
investment, restructuring, M / A, SPAC, investment), established services.

* OECD193개회원국. (대륙별 환경무역 : 서비스 ) 균형발전, 사회안정 정책.선언 :
a) 수감중인 전과자를 환경복원사업에 투입하며. 이수자격및.교육을 통하여 지역사회에 봉사하며, 희망있는 정책으로 향한다.
b) 회원국간의 무역거래 시장경쟁체계구축, : 원자재, 석유, 원달러 /환율정책 강화.
* 환경, 지식산업, 서비스. : 자원재활용 제품으로 규정한다.
c) OECD193개회원국,국가부도 ( 국가지도자 : 국정혼란, 국가예산, 남용 ) 검찰고발 : 국가 예산처, 환경부 파견이사. 지방정부.
1. 시장경제.질서 파괴사유 : 예산을 과다 책정하여, 부조리.
2. 국정혼란및 국가경쟁력 하락요인 : 지방정부의 무리한 soc인프라사업, 기업의 과다한 채무, 서열화, 부조리,
3. 용역사업의 문제점 : 불확실성 교육정책, 책임감없는 행동,말바꾸기, 관료주의, 기회주의, 이기주의,책임회피,한탕주의.
4. 불균형사회 : 계층,업종간소득, 실업율상승,저소득근로자,자살율상승, 이혼율상승, 국민의 세금상승, 청년실업문제,범죄집단.

지식, 정책, 서비스 ) 기술력으로 살아가는 세상으로 향한다.

붙임 : oecd회원국별 실용기술 사업화, 라이센싱, 합작사업,( 해외투자유치, 구조조정,M/A,SPAC, 투자 )창업, 서비스.


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