* UN, Environmental Restoration and innovation worldwide Earth, declared: free-market competition system, harmony, and order. Maintain world peace.

5 Dec

1) disputes between member states. Confrontation, war, weapon systems, and to disarm.
* Member Countries to submit a proposal to disarm. (Nuclear, nuclear reactors, waste, environmental conservation,
protection pledge submission)
2) the Member States of military organization: on-site environmental monitoring agents.
3) of the OECD member countries in 2013 fiscal budget. Shall cease all other citizens of hygiene, social welfare budget.
4) local government. (Self-Evolution: Self-Autonomy declared): improvement of people’s lives, the system built.
5) continents, OECD member countries, green policy committee established. Sustainable policy roadmap, vision presented.

* UN, 전세계 지구환경복원 혁신, 선언 : 시장자유경쟁 체계, 화합, 질서. 세계평화유지.
1) 회원국간의 분쟁. 대립, 전쟁, 무기체계, 무장해제를 한다.
* 회원국별 무장해제 계획서 제출. ( 핵, 원자로, 폐기물, 환경보존,보호 서약서 제출)
2) 회원국의 군부대 조직 : 현장 환경 감시요원으로 명 한다.
3) OECD회원국의 2013년 회계예산. 국민의 위생, 사회복지예산외 모두 중단한다.
4) 지방정부. ( 자립발전 : 독립체산제 선언, ) : 국민의 삶의향상, 체계구축.
5) 대륙별, OECD회원국, 녹색정책위원회 설립. 정책로드멥, 지속가능한 비젼제시


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