Wild Weather: Why Insurance Companies Are Not Having a Good Year

7 Dec

UN, global warming, earth Peduncle restoration projects, technology transfer, and awarded national certification through the green.
1) Regional certification through Green Policy Committee: hunt ever terrorist groups and ensure the safety of citizens by Member States, and the confrontation between Overwhelmed by the conflict and ever. Purpose is to improve the technical knowledge of the industry.
2) Regional, States, spreading the green myeonheoje Airport immigration, airplane, transport vehicles, trains, ships, cars, display local government, various machines, (green national ID card: research and development,)
3) OECD member countries: local government, businesses, competitive bidding system, spreading purpose. Improving technologies: engineers. Build a competing system.
* Purpose: To produce and supply the amount of quality products ever. Smooth free competition to build the system.
1) the theory of education, university culture, the bankruptcy era of professional engineers, managers, and practicality in the open,
2) to carry out the project, an accountant, a lawyer, professor, Ph.D., authoritarian, rich get richer, real estate speculation, heterogeneity, dual Adjunct Islands, opportunism, and the suicide rate, absurdity, drugs, hantangjuui, parachute, certification, consulting, social disruption that causes complaints , Other,
OECD193 member states imbalances, institution-building (HR: absurdity, exit), innovation policy, and services.
1) Regional member countries: commander in chief by a third-country professional staffing requests. (To ensure innovation, government departments, local governments, tax prosecution, to audit tax revenues,).
2) per capita, and improve the quality of life of citizens, and units. / Management. Target System is introduced.
* UN, Environmental Restoration and innovation worldwide Earth, declared: free-market competition system, harmony, and order. Maintain world peace.
1) disputes between member states. Confrontation, war, weapon systems, and to disarm.
* Member Countries to submit a proposal to disarm. (Nuclear, nuclear reactors, waste, environmental conservation, protection pledge submission)
2) the Member States of military organization: on-site environmental monitoring agents.
3) of the OECD member countries in 2013 fiscal budget. Shall cease all other citizens of hygiene, social welfare budget.
4) local government. (Self-Evolution: Self-Autonomy declared): improvement of people’s lives, the system built.
5) continents, OECD member countries, green policy committee established. Sustainable policy roadmap, vision presented.

the economic problem

A week? Two weeks? How long ago those floods seem in my mind now when in reality they were within a fortnight of today!

I remember trying to get a train back to London on the first day of (what should be called) ‘the Great Floods of 2012’. The South West was completely drenched, with swathes of water just running all over the place.

I spent the following weekend watching avidly on the television as the ordeal continued, anxiously wondering how my flatmates were coping.

A week later and it was still bad, sadly three people had lost their lives, one in the city I reside in. It was shocking to think something like this could happen and cause such disruption.

I vividly remember a lady on a replacement bus right at the start of the flooding remarking at the situation,

“Weren’t we just in a drought?!”

That was…

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