* 21c new growth engines of economic uncertainty. : Oecd 193-member joint ventures, innovation, and service.

8 Dec

<  Foundry Overview: building a production system, the amount of quality products with a workforce of more than a lot of people. Strengthen national competitiveness and social stability, and service. >


A. oecd member countries of the dazzling high-speed economic development have resulted in an imbalance. Ideas that can relieve the uncertainty of the market economy. New growth engines. Theme Earth Environmental Restoration: Environmental Housing (building) Water supply. Improving the quality of life of sustainable national service policy.
* Lay ~ out. (flow ~ sheet, R &d science and technology, environment, housing resources to reuse buildings). Environment, trade, and economic policy. Innovation, Services.
a) real estate policy, innovation, and service.
b) phase. sewage treatment plants, reducing maintenance costs (): handle highly practical. Services,…………….

*  Regional Green Policy Innovation, joint ventures, and service.

A. Recycling joint venture for the environmental industry. (Industrial environment. Innovation: Investment Corporation 1.2.3 Sector): foundry, clean up banks business, foreign investment, joint ventures, service.
a) green: Aerospace Station, carrying robots, gloves, and a plane.
b) Green Heavy Industries. The steel industry. Green cars. Railroad cars. Shipbuilding. Elevator. Pump reducer. To beotteu.
c) green electronics: dehydrator, washing machines and refrigerators. Gas stove, bidet.
d) green chemicals. Lubricant oil.
e) green, non-metallic minerals. : Cement. Capping material manufacturing.
f) green technology financing. Insurance. Capital. Funds,
g) local government green engineering, resource reuse, committee, association,
1) animals of rice,
2) feed,
3) fertilizer,
4) compost,
 5) gas.
세분류.”>h) environmental housing buildings (roadmap, the specific item): Power supply -> subdivided.
i) OECD member countries to restore policy, detailed plan management,

B. Manpower. (Full-time labor.): India. China. The U.S. state of Texas.
Foundry (national competitiveness. / Per capita GNP.GDP.: OECD member countries, policy innovation, and improve the quality of life.)

C. Green industry. Engineering education (non-motorized process technology: human resource training.): Positive future generations.
  * Construction, civil engineering, awards, sewer design, supervision, construction, resource reuse, environment, trade, foreign investment, investment, innovation, new business opportunities, new growth engines, the mergers and acquisitions division, merger, M / A, services.

D. Green venture enterprise development 2013 – 2018 (Five-Year Plan.)
E. 2nd green technology financing funds: hedge funds. To attract foreign investment.
Ripple effect: Regional member countries. Spread.





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