Climate Change Is Killing The World’s Oldest Trees

15 Dec

pby Bob Berwyn, via Summit County Citizens Voice Colorado’s old lodgepoles aren’t the only forest giants that are dying. Around the world, the biggest, oldest trees that harbor and sustain countless birds and other wildlife, are meeting the same fate. Three of the world’s leading ecologists say they’ve documented an alarming increase in the death […]/p

via Climate Change Is Killing The World’s Oldest Trees.


2 Responses to “Climate Change Is Killing The World’s Oldest Trees”

  1. sanghoonmoon December 16, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    UN, Oecd193 member states green country: 21c 100, environment, safety, health, hygiene, welfare policy, warning.
    – A global multinational company founded : Earthquake, tsunami, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, sanitation, ecosystems, conservation, protection, conflict, confrontation, conflict, war, we could not turn from social contribution to people’s lives and safety goals.

    UN, global environmental restoration goals. Environment (set in the 1950s) beautiful earth, the natural environment to future generations can inherit.
    1) by continent, by fostering education system engineers silmuwi careful screening, OECD member states fair system building: 193. Practical, sustainable silmuwi careful management into the policy,
    2) by continent, OECD 193-member incentive schemes, enable local government support foreign investment. Social overhead capital, infrastructure support, SOC
    3) between the local government and sustainable competition system: improve the quality of life of citizens, revenue / competition.
    (Government management: citizens, the sovereignty of the market for professional managers will be selected.)
    * Global warming we’ve been dazzling high-speed economic development while others come look back. District environmental restoration, economic policy, and innovation. Will provide a roadmap.

    * The world 70 million people could not catch what is wrong The Earth’s natural environment for our future generations and bequeath forever.
    * In addition oecd193 countries, the world economy will head the new change, innovation and unity through sustainable development.

  2. sanghoonmoon December 17, 2012 at 2:03 am #

    OECD, climate change, climate response, the district environmental restoration, roadmap, environment, trade, Rushcutters analogy, water shortages, resource reuse, local governments, foreign investment, economic policy, innovation, job creation, social stability, service.

    1) European Union 28 countries, a new growth engine.
    2) by continent of balanced development policies, imbalance innovation services.
    3) oecd member countries environmental services trade.

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