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OECD economic structure and policy innovation, system configuration service.

What is Wikinomics ?

                Experts believe that Wikinomics has the power to be bigger than industrial revolution or even the invention of computer. Soon, there will be huge world companies emerging and the current day Multinational Companies (MNCs) and large-scale corporations will have to re-think and adopt wikinomics ways.

                Wikinomics describes a modern economic structure that will soon become the way of the business world. Shunning the traditional style of working, corporate world is rapidly adopting this unique system, which is completely based on mass collaborations, sharing and transparency.

                Wikinomics will transform the entire world economy!

                To fully understand Wikinomics, we have to first know what ‘Wiki’ means. Wiki is a concept of  global collaboration of many different individuals and entities, working on one common project. Wikipedia and Linux are two of the most popular Wiki-projects. Today these projects are bigger than most of the traditional companies. That is the power of Wiki.

                Imagine the gains, if this amazing weapon is used commercially, to help people all over the world reap in financial and other benefits? That is exactly what Wikinomics is all about – Mass collaboration of people and companies from across the globe to achieve a common commercial goal.

What are the Wikinomics World Companies of today & tomorrow ?

                Today, online social networks and Internet communities are becoming one the most popular means of information. People from all over the world rely on these numerous networks to stay updated with the latest world economy and business environment. Experts believe that these communities are perfect examples of the powers of mass-collaboration.

                The key reason why Wikinomics companies will thrive in the coming years is the global mass-collaboration. It is a fact that no company, no matter how big, can innovate or execute fast enough by itself. Smart companies understand that to be the best and to keep pace with the times they have to open themselves to the world and embrace the genius of mass collaboration.

                While the traditional style of working was based on secrecy and drawing boundaries, Wikinomics advocates complete transparency and limitless sharing. New age companies will be spread all over the world as they adopt the principles of Wikinomics. Traditional Multinational Companies will find it extremely difficult to compete against World Companies, that is Wikinomics Companies and will eventually diminish.

This is a time where companies are still realizing the need to go Wiki, but Wikinomics Capital is already leading this revolution. We are the first ever company to develop and manage Wikinomics platforms on such a massive scale.

Our World Company, completely based on Wikinomics principles, has a head-start as it operates in sync with diverse, complex and ever-changing business world.       

Visualize the New Economy


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