District environmental restoration eschatology innovation. Stable social services.

22 Dec

A. UN, OECD, global environmental restoration, new growth engines, global warming, climate response, district environmental restoration, R & d science and technology, roadmap, innovation, environment, housing, building, resource reuse, trade, investment, services.
B. OECD193 Member States District environmental restoration roadmap: social stability, economic policy, innovation, the environment, trade, and services.
a) the local government sewerage, waste management, and practical policy, (roadmap)
* Environment, housing buildings: a resource source (phase. Sewer, food, sewage manure),
1) improve the quality of life of citizens and manure transported by domestic sewage and use flume sanitation, environment, and sustainable development of the real estate policy Impacting
2) food, feed, fertilizer, compost, gas, electricity,
3): animal feed, sewage, manure, compost, fertilizer, gas,
b) phase. sewage treatment plant. Reduction for maintenance. : Power, overheads, drugs, Repairs, repair materials, and waste reduction.
oecd193 member states, trade environment. (Six continents and balanced development policies: 28 European Union social stability. Creating jobs.) Innovation, ideas, and services.
Cyclone engineering. (Six continents: the branch, the local subsidiary): Licensing. : Joint ventures,
oecd193 Member States (Regional Road Mep: green green technology Green Finance Committee Policy Committee Association) global multinational company founded services: economic policy innovation. Services.
1) North America.
2) South America.
3) the European Union.
4) Asia.
5) Africa.
6) Oceania.

green country oecd193 Member States: climate change and technology commercialization. Licensing.

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