24 Dec

OECD member countries, climate change, global environmental restoration, roadmap, service : Licensing

A. Recycling joint venture for the environmental industry. Foundry (investment in environmental industries, innovation satin sector 1.2.3.):.
a). Green: Aerospace Station, carrying robots, gloves, and a plane.
b) Green Heavy Industries. The steel industry. Green cars. Railroad cars. Shipbuilding. Elevator. Pump reducer. To beotteu.
c) green electronics: dehydrator, washing machines and refrigerators. Gas stove, bidet.
d) green chemicals. Lubricant oil.
e) green, non-metallic minerals. : Cement. Capping material manufacturing.
f) green technology financing. Insurance. Capital. Funds,
g) local government green engineering, resource reuse, committee, association,
h) health care. Welfare, biotechnology
i) agriculture.


A. UN, OECD, global environmental restoration, new growth engines, global warming, climate response, district environmental restoration, R & d science and technology, roadmap, innovation, environment, housing, building, resource reuse, trade, investment, services.
B. OECD193 Member States District environmental restoration roadmap: social stability, economic policy, innovation, the environment, trade, and services.
a) the local government sewerage, waste management, and practical policy, (roadmap)
* Environment, housing buildings: a resource source (phase. Sewer, food, sewage manure),
1) improve the quality of life of citizens and manure transported by domestic sewage and use flume sanitation, environment, and sustainable development of the real estate policy Impacting
2) food, feed, fertilizer, compost, gas, electricity,
3): animal feed, sewage, manure, compost, fertilizer, gas,
b) phase. sewage treatment plant. Reduction for maintenance. : Power, overheads, drugs, Repairs, repair materials, and waste reduction.
oecd193 member states, trade environment. (Six continents and balanced development policies: 28 European Union social stability…

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