31 Dec

UN, Oecd193 member states green country: 21c 100, environment, safety, health, hygiene, welfare policy, warning.
* Alone so that Bob eats only to people who say that. Black Friday, black and white, scientist, theory, culture, service culture, rich get richer, and enacted a cliff, imbalance, global warming, global change, ecosystems, experts, job creation, climate change, economic policy, “innovation”.

a). in each city, too. Local government climate change. (Industry roadmap: alternative water resources, resource reuse, electricity, water, air, noise, and vibration. Wastes): Atmospheric gas emissions intensive. Goal of per capita unit management / administration.
b) is a global multinational company founded: Goal defense, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, sanitation, ecosystems, conservation, protection, conflict, confrontation, conflict, war, we could observe from the social contributions for the purpose of people’s lives and safety.
c) Regional Green Technology Committee: industry, innovation, job creation and social stability and surveillance.Is the cornerstone of the balanced development of the world.
d) Regional Green Technology Finance Committee: Impacting services, banks and the policy of separating
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