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17 Jan

It’s not just social media’s newest darling. It could be the public relations industry’s, too.

Sang Hoon Moon‘s insight:

Climate change, global environmental restoration technology commercialization. : (Goal: 1950s innovation).
* Technology holding company (licensing, marketing), please apply for a joint venture. oecd193 member states. District environmental restoration. Science, Technology and Innovation. Power the new economic policy: global warming, climate correspond the Earth environmental restoration policy service.
OECD Committee for licensing. M / A. To attract foreign investment. Joint ventures.
* Environment, housing buildings: project implementation. Design, and construction. (Central government, local government: Section 1.2.3. Sector: innovation Urban Development.)
* Alternative water lay-out: (environment, housing buildings: manure using sewage and domestic sewage. Flow-shheet.) Life feed flume used.
A. water shortages oecd193 member states environmental problems cause? a) co-housing (toilet culture: the toilet.) changing history 1) from 1930 to 1960: lack of water. Were no environmental problems. 2) from 1970 to the House of Commons culture, development, water usage period (beginning) 3) 1980 ~ Dam (securing water resources) …. Inflicting exponentially increasing.      * Sea, mountain fields. Environmental destruction. Abnormal weather conditions seriousness. 4) due to the water shortage from 1990 to come up with measures.     * More than climate (mountain sea) climate change appears 5) rivalry between 2000 and due to the lack of water. Water wars, securing water resources. (R & d)   * Climate crustal movements. Swine Pulau When the animal’s death, earthquake, typhoon, tidal wave, tsunami, Pacific waters of change has come to the increasingly serious. 2010 ~ 6): planet of the environmental disaster created a culture of human alleles from natural ecosystems and motivation. Suicide rate reaches the point of a serious imbalance. * G20 world summit. Earth Environmental Restoration and seriousness of the global economy were discussed.
B. oecd member countries. General architecture of common (problem):   1) domestic sewage. And a waste of resources. Discard.   2) to discard food waste.   Toilet (3) toilet precious water about 60 to 70%:)       * Train, airplane example. Use a small amount of water.       Use the portable toilets: toilet bubbles. C. Improvement: Improvement of general building and toilet     1) use the toilet bubbles toilet.     2) water used by domestic sewage domestic sewage, manure transported Alternative water. Is approximately 60 to 70% water reduction (environmental ecosystem restoration).
* OECD countries (Conclusion: (water and sanitation, local government ordinance).: Environment, housing capital gains tax exemption building green national policy and sustainable service policy. Born again.
Interested advice:) Many of securing water resources. Interested in environmental issues, problems, and have So the idea of participation is recommended. But no experience of practice (theory: Professor, Ph.D., licensed, honor the title.) Exclusion relations agencies, among other things, the transfer of technology as soon as communication can be coordinated to ensure that it is even more important.
Technology, my technology is executed immediately. OECD member national (each, also municipalities: Licensing, (Dedicated conducted sales): spc. contractor services, can will tell.
* Business Organizer: Engineering and other companies Representatives (CEO. pto.seo): sanghoonmoon.

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