Kids sledding down mountain

11 Feb

Kids sledding down mountain.

sns를 통하여 유럽연합 28개국 청년실업을 구제하고 싶은데
이글을 보시는분들께서는 서로가 연결좀 해주실분이 없을까요.?
1.oecd193개회원국 청년실업구제. 아이디어 지식서비스
1) 유럽연합을 통하여 한국 청년실업 창업지원서비스.
2. 세계물의날 : 대체수자원제공
3. 기후변화 지구환경복원 지식서비스.

I sns through the EU 28 countries, youth unemployment relief
You can see our eagle who connect with each other you tell me is there?
1.oecd193-member youth unemployment relief. Ideas, knowledge services
1) through the European Union, youth unemployment, entrepreneurship support services.
2 World Water Day: provide alternative water resources
3 Knowledge of climate change, earth environmental restoration service.


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