Daejeon. , Yuseong-gu, nutation 23-14.(Re) Small Business Support Center 403-1.

Bio: A. In addition of OECD193 District environmental restoration. (New growth engines. Environments and housing buildings. Innovation.): All costs are put into the general building cyclone engineering. (OECD Secretariat, ADB Development Bank. Environmental Management Corporation.) SANGHOONMOON alone processing will.Improve the quality of life (municipalities.: Animation analogy Rushcutters smart urban environments.) B. Food resources. New growth engines (feed fertilizer compost gas): Approximately 20 manmyeongssik job creation. * OECD193 member states. Microeconomic (macroeconomic: Green technology spillover effects): per capita GNP. GDP. Production capacity utilization. National competitiveness, sustainable development. * Yu intangible effects. Culture: theory discussion. Consulting culture will be lost. 21c. Spotlighted world industrial engineers viable environmental practices of attention, sustainable development will * Global Warming Climate Response of Earth and Environmental Remediation. Receiving support innovation, investment funds and 1% never do. Cyclone engineering (environmental roadmap) continued provision will * Oecd 193 member states of the balanced economic development will continue to come true one. 2013년 : Step 2. New growth engines. spac: (Industry: manufacturing, design, construction, strong) innovation. Multinational companies through the restructuring will be positive. Cause of the uncertainty of the world economy. Similarly, to create a long-term working without changing the natural environment: human motivation and mess place of corruption in the greenhouse. Divide the national budget eating expression. Absurdity sequencing: (line pattern Expert: bureaucratic culture, service culture. Sequencing business culture. Heterogeneity clerk. Polarization of the rich get richer. Between each culture. Suicide rate, the absurd, such as the rate of inflation.) Society vilifying uncertainty, breaking the market economy system was motivated. http://www.ecotrade.org/ecomarket/offerview.asp?no=216 msh56@hanmail.net tel : 82-42-472-7061 skype" id : cycloneeng fax : 82-42-472-7063 sanghoonmoon : ceo

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