Buffet breakfast #caesarsfw

12 Feb

Buffet breakfast #caesarsfw.

oecd193개회원국 신성장동력 지방정부 : 기후변화 지구환경복원 지식서비스.
1. 물사업, 자원재이용사업, 환경주택건축물, 실용적고도처리기술 서비스, gcf기후변화자금지원.
2. 라이센싱.
3. 지사화법인설립, : 합작사업,
1) 회원국별 지방정부. : 제정절벽 지원서비스. 해외투자유치.
* gcf : 유비커터스 스마트환경복원도시 경제정책정책 혁신서비스.
2) 세계물의날 oecd회원국 대체수자원제공.
3) 환경주택건축물 : 부동산양도세 감면정책 서비스.
4) 홍수방어기술, 깡통주택, 신용불량자지원서비스.
5) 지역별 : 일자리창출 지원서비스..

new growth engines oecd193 member states and local governments: climate change, global environmental restoration knowledge services.
1 Funded water business,, resource reuse projects, environment, housing, processing architecture, practical, highly technical services, gcf climate change.
2 Licensing.
3 Jisahwa Incorporation: joint ventures,
1) member national local government. Support Services: Enactment cliff. To attract foreign investment.
* Gcf: Ubiquitous smart service innovation policies Environmental Restoration and urban economic policy. Rushcutters
2) oecd member countries replaced Water World Water Day.
3) Environment housing buildings: the real estate transfer tax exemption policy.
4) Flood defense technology, cans, housing, credit defaulters support services.
5) regional support services, job creation …



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